November, 2016  Thanks to art lovers, buyers and friends for your visit! I had a great time at my studio while the cultural crawl. This time I decided to make a quick, about 4-5 hours sculpting demonstration. Here are some pictures of the progress.img_20161120_yanie






June , 2016 An anatomical head. Student’s works in progress. This  head was developed fo by French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon (French pronunciation: [ʒɑ̃n‿ɑ̃twan udɔ̃]) (25 March 1741 – 15 July 1828) was a French neoclassical sculptor.Houdon is famous for his portrait busts and statues of philosophers, inventors and political figures of the Enlightenment. Houdon’s subjects include Denis Diderot (1771), Benjamin Franklin (1778-09), Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1778), Voltaire (1781), Molière (1781), George Washington (1785–88), Thomas Jefferson (1789), Louis XVI (1790), Robert Fulton, (1803–04), and Napoléon Bonaparte (1806).


A drawing of an anatomical and angular heads
A drawing of an anatomical and angular heads


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